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White Hat Hacking

Wardriving, Wardialing, IP Spoofing, Proxy, Air Snorting, Packet Sniffing, SQL Injections, Cross-scripting, Denial of Service, backscattering, Port Scanning, Security Exploiting

All of these are terms that are used in the cybersecurity world of networks and computers.  These terms represent different types of processes and attacks that can be performed on your computer or your network.  A good programmer and a person who knows how to utilize the network interface could potentially reverse engineer your connection and return malformed and untested response data back to your computer or network, often times revealing a security flaw or vulnerability.

Let me be your White Hatter.  I have a war chest of tools, some that I have developed myself, to perform both low and high level professional white hat hacking services.  I perform several penetration tests, an exhaustive search for open network ports, and weakness identification and documentation of systems that may be vulnerable to exposure.

Banking and HIPAA compliance today is serious business.  You need the assurance that you are safe and that you can perform with top notch industries.


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