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Programming & Web Development

Since I was 10 years old, I have been doing some kind of computer programming.  Self-taught at the time because there were no classes offered in the beginning of the computer age for children.   I have been programming for 32 years and for most people, this is a lifetime of programming experience.

I still find customers running old DOS, BASIC, or Visual BASIC programs.  Many times, they do not have the resources or know how to depart from these old programs.  In these cases I can help keep them alive.

I have experience with object oriented programming (OOP) languages such as C++ and much more experience with web development concepts such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  I have recently been working in iOS and Android developments on another project.

I am familiar with relational database concepts and have moved, migrated, and built databases in MS SQL, MySQL, PostGreSQL, pervasive, and DB2.

Working with n-tier architecture concepts is the future of development.  Call me to discuss your needs.

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